The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

Thinking of nourishing a healthy mind? Learn some tips to ensure a successful mental health journey.

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Understanding and Managing Workaholism

Workaholics are vulnerable to depression and anxiety. How can you manage workaholism?

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The Relationship Between Pessimism and Depression

Negative cognitions characterise both depression and pessimism. This article discusses the relationship and key differences between depression and pessimism.

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Why Do We Put Others Before Ourselves?

Self-sacrifice occurs when you put the needs of others before yours. Understand the reasons why you may engage in self-sacrifice and how this may be detrimental, putting you at risk for depression.

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Managing Your Mental Health After 3 Months (and Counting) With COVID-19

Managing anxiety, uncertainty and other negative emotions associated with the prolonged COVID-19 situation

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Facing Your Fears: How Avoidance and Panicking May Maintain Your Anxiety Instead

Avoidance is a common response to anxiety and fear. However, prolonged or excessive use of avoidance may lead to higher levels of anxiety or fear.

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