Intrinsic Goals Lead to Greater Subjective Well-Being

A recent research examines the effectiveness of different types of goals and goal orientations that individuals adopt in the pursuit of life satisfaction and subjective well-being.

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Safety Behaviours and Panic Disorder

A recent research examines the different types of safety behaviours engaged by individuals experiencing panic attacks, and how it may affect treatment.

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Effective Coping Methods by International Students With Homesickness and Depression

A recent research examines how international students cope with homesickness and depression when they are away from home.

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Access Not Granted: Accessing Someone’s Phone Without Permission

A recent research examined why the reasons and consequences of checking on the phone of those close to them.

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Infidelity Associated With PTSD-related Symptoms and Poorer Psychological Outcomes

A recent research found that partner infidelity is associated with higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

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Psychological Impact of Primary to Secondary School Transition

A recent research highlighted how transiting into secondary school can be stressful for both parents and child.

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