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Psychologists & counsellors, well-equipped to help you overcome depression, anxiety, infidelity, and other life challenges. We specialize in therapy for mental health issues, and couple therapy. We also conduct psychological assessments.

Our psychologists and counsellors are informed by a variety of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT), Schema Therapy, and Systemic Family Therapy — you can be assured that you will be matched with a therapist that best suits you in managing the challenges that you face.

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Recent News & Research

Intrinsic Goals lead to Greater Subjective Well-Being

Intrinsic Goals Lead to Greater Subjective Well-being

by Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil

A recent research examines the effectiveness of different types of goals and goal orientations that individuals adopt in the pursuit of life satisfaction and subjective well-being.

Safety behaviours and panic disorder

Safety Behaviours and Panic Disorder

by Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil

A recent research examines the different types of safety behaviours engaged by individuals experiencing panic attacks, and how it may affect treatment.

Effective Coping Methods by International Students with Homesickness and Depression

Effective Coping Methods by International Students With Homesickness and Depression

by Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil

A recent research examines how international students cope with homesickness and depression when they are away from home.

Articles by Our Therapists

The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

by Muhammad Haikal Bin Jamil

Thinking of nourishing a healthy mind? Learn some tips to ensure a successful mental health journey.

Understanding and managing workaholism

Understanding and Managing Workaholism

by Janna Lim

Workaholics are vulnerable to depression and anxiety. How can you manage workaholism?

The relationship between pessimism and depression

The Relationship Between Pessimism and Depression

by Janna Lim

Negative cognitions characterise both depression and pessimism. This article discusses the relationship and key differences between depression and pessimism.


Subsidized Psychotherapy/ Counselling Programme

Subsidized Psychotherapy/ Counselling Programme

Offering subsidized counselling and psychotherapy sessions, making it affordable for you to seek help.

Recruiting for various positions- Psychologists, Counsellors, Associate Psychologists

Recruiting for Various Positions- Psychologists, Counsellors, Associate Psychologists

Job Opportunity for Clinical Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists

ImPossible receives positive reviews from Best in Singapore

Impossible Receives Positive Reviews From Best in Singapore

Positive reviews for psychologists and counsellors in ImPossible Psychological Services.

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