Janna Lim


BPsych, MGuidCouns

Janna Lim

Janna‚Äôs passion for counselling stems from her desire to serve the community. To find out more about the communities around her, Janna has been actively volunteering. During her seven years of voluntary work, she has learnt from those with Autism, the elderly, children, and those with disabilities. Her experiences made her realise that acceptance and kindness towards others are necessary to develop trusting and meaningful relationships. She aspires to empower people to make more purposeful life choices to lead more authentic lives.

Janna has graduated with a Master of Guidance and Counselling with Distinction and Bachelor of Psychological Science. Her degree in Psychology provides her with the knowledge of the various mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety disorders. She has journeyed alongside clients with stress, depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, self-esteem and self-identity issues. She empathically listens to her clients, while being mindful of their concerns. Janna treats her clients with acceptance and kindness, developing trusting and meaningful relationships with them. She is working towards becoming a registered counsellor with the Singapore Association of Counselling.

Adopting a developmental approach towards her clients, she believes in working within her clients' capabilities, and encourages them to achieve a more integrated self. Janna strives to serve her clients with professionalism to best address their needs. She welcomes those with difficulties in finding direction in life or facing current life struggles because of their past experiences.

Janna is currently accepting new clients for therapy for face to face or online sessions.

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"Janna aspires to empower people to live more authentically and make more purposeful life choices through counselling."