Naughty or nice? Personality traits linked to differences  in brain structure

Naughty or Nice? Personality Traits Linked to Differences in Brain Structure

Researchers report on how differences in cortical anatomy relates to each of the five factors of personality.

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Don't keep quiet: Prince Williams urges people to discuss mental illness

Don't Keep Quiet: Prince Williams Urges People to Discuss Mental Illness

The royal family wants people to talk about mental illness so that fewer people suffer in silence

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Talking Therapy Changes the Brain's Wiring

Talking Therapy Changes the Brain's Wiring

New research reveals that CBT promotes changes in brain connectivity of individuals diagnosed with psychosis. These changes are associated with symptom reduction and recovery.

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Small amounts of physical activity can have positive effects on happiness

Small Amounts of Physical Activity Can Have Positive Effects on Happiness

Using data from a smart phone app, researchers discover that even small amounts of physical activity can have a positive impact on happiness.

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What happens when depression and anxiety coincides with minor injury

What Happens When Depression and Anxiety Coincides With Minor Injury

Researchers found that people with more symptoms of depression at the time of their injury still had trouble working a year later and more frequently required bed rest due to health problems. They found connections, though less substantial, for anxiety, too.

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Our senses can't learn under stress

Our Senses Can't Learn Under Stress

Stress may impede perceptual learning and performance, a new study reports.

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