Social exclusion and brain response in women with history of suicidal acts

Social Exclusion and Brain Response in Women With History of Suicidal Acts

Suicide attempters have a reduced capacity for social perception in areas of the brain that have been implicated in pain tolerance and social cognition, according to a study recently published in Scientific Reports.

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Gender differences in resolving romantic conflicts

Gender Differences in Resolving Romantic Conflicts

When couples hit a rough patch, men and women want different things from their partner before they make up, new research suggests.

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Mental illness may be more common than we know, but it is temporary for most individuals

Mental Illness May Be More Common Than We Know, but It Is Temporary for Most Individuals

Research using epidemiological data suggests higher prevalence of mental health issues than suggested by national surveys. Although over 80% of a population may develop clinical levels of mental health issues in their lives, it doesn't last long for most. Family history and personality were highlighted as potential factors for enduring mental health.

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Depression affects the brains of males and females differently

Depression Affects the Brains of Males and Females Differently

Depressed adolescents were exposed to happy or sad words and their brains imaged. Through this study, researchers found that depression has different effects on the brain activity of male and female patients in certain brain regions. The findings suggest that adolescent girls and boys may experience depression differently and that sex-specific treatments might be beneficial for adolescents.

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Psychologists study the consequences of sending sexts

Psychologists Study the Consequences of Sending Sexts

A study on the trend of sexting found that its negative outcomes outweigh its benefits. Those who have engaged in it expressed worry and regret that they experienced.

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Spouses' daily responses to partners' pain linked with later functioning

Spouses' Daily Responses to Partners' Pain Linked With Later Functioning

The dynamics of spouses' daily interactions may influence whether an ill partner's physical functioning improves over time, according to new findings published in Psychological Science.

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