Overcoming depression and other mental health conditions- Online Mental Health Day 2018 webinars

31st December, 2017

StayDifferent, a non-profit orginzation with goal of building a mental health community, will be organizing Online Mental Health Day on 13th January 2018. During this event, a 24 hour webinar featuring psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and other mental health professionals around the world will be telecast online. Learn more about psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety and stress for free.

Topics include:

How to live with someone with a mental health condition

What is depression

How to manage anxiety

Our Clinical Psychologist, Haikal, is also part of the panel of speakers. He will be covering the topic: "Why you shouldn't suffer from depression in silence", tapping on his expertise and experience providing psychological therapy with individuals suffering from depression.

For more information and registration, log on to: staydifferent.org/omhd-about

Whether you are struggling or recovering from depression or other psychological issues, or are caregiver, this event aims to increase the awareness of mental health issues. You will also gain knowledge to boost your recovery or to support a loved one.