Couple Therapy & Marriage Counselling

Couple Therapy & Marriage Counselling

Couple Counselling & Relationship Therapy

Relationships are a source of excitement, comfort, and joy. However, over time, our partners’ struggles become harder to bear, and their shortcomings become an annoyance, resulting in anxiety, distress, and frustration.

While there are no perfect relationships, there are methods and ways for couples to strengthen their bond and manage differences. Whether you are dating, engaged, or legally married, couple counselling and relationship therapy are ideal ways to achieve so.

What are couple counselling and relationship therapy?

Couple counselling and relationship therapy focus on enabling two individuals in a romantic relationship or marriage to achieve a deeper and more intimate understanding of their relationship, thus achieving improved satisfaction in their relationship too. It should not be the last resort to a troubled relationship but a means to benefit whatever relationship stage you are in.

Engaging with a relationship therapist in Singapore offers the opportunity to benefit from professional guidance within a culturally relevant context. A relationship therapist understands the unique cultural and societal pressures couples may face and can tailor therapy accordingly. This localised expertise can be particularly beneficial in addressing culturally specific issues and providing solutions that resonate well with couples in Singapore.

Additionally, seeking help from a relationship therapist in Singapore can provide couples with practical tools and strategies that are specifically suited to their environment. This can be especially important in a fast-paced and high-pressure society where balancing work, family, and personal life can be challenging. A relationship therapist can help couples navigate these pressures, enhancing their ability to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship amidst external stresses.

Whether you are looking to resolve immediate issues and conflicts or to equip your relationship better for long-term goals, couple counselling and relationship therapy employ different intervention approaches and therapeutic methods to provide support.

Who are couple counselling and relationship therapy for?

We offer such services in Singapore for individuals who need professional help and advice with emotional and mental struggles they come across in their relationships. Some of these issues may be deep-seated, difficult to articulate, and long-standing. Hence, couple counselling and relationship therapy offer a neutral and safe space for both parties to be vulnerable and open to working through whatever differences they have between them.

Engaging a relationship therapist can help any relationship, no matter your age, sexual orientation, race, or status.

Some everyday struggles that couple counselling and relationship therapy addresses are:

  • Infidelity and betrayal
  • Frequent arguments and misunderstanding
  • Lack of communications
  • Loss of or issues with emotional and physical intimacy
  • Anger management
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues with in-laws
  • Mental or physical issues

Why should my partner and I engage with a relationship therapist?

There are no right or wrong purposes for seeking professional help or advice. You need not wait for your relationship to have an issue to seek help. Most couples generally seek couple counselling and relationship therapy to sort out specific differences. However, there are some that seek such services to forge more profound and more intimate bonds in their relationship, wanting to seek a deeper level of understanding. Some even seek such help so as to learn how to prevent any development of potential issues in their relationship.

You should consider couple counselling and relationship therapy if both you and your partner:

  • No longer enjoy spending quality time together
  • Realise that the same arguments keep on repeating
  • Often show negative attitudes towards one another
  • Are not able to enjoy intimacy with one another, or are not happy with your current sex life
  • Are keeping secrets from one another

Going for couple counselling and relationship therapy ensures that both you and your partner:

  • Are able to identify conflicts better and use appropriate strategies to overcome them
  • Can gain detailed and intimate insights into the relationship’s dynamics
  • Understand one another’s roles and perspective
  • Can reconnect and communicate with one another clearly and openly
  • Build commitment and trust

Seeking help and embracing counselling and therapy does not signify the end or failure of your relationship. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is the best chance you and your partner got to create the best relationship you are able to – or rescue one that is in need of help.

Make an appointment with us today. Let us guide you in achieving an open, vulnerable, and fulfilling relationship today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the potential benefits of couple counselling and relationship therapy?

    Couple counselling and relationship therapy offers several benefits for individuals in romantic relationships. Through guided discussions and therapeutic techniques, couples can gain insights into their dynamics, improve their communication skills, and learn how to navigate challenges more effectively. Couple therapy in Singapore can also lead to increased understanding, greater personal growth, thus creating a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship with your partner.

  • How do we choose the right therapist for us?

    Choosing the right therapist involves considering factors such as their specialisation in couple therapy, experience, and compatibility with both you and your partner. Seek a therapist who creates a comfortable environment, demonstrates empathy, and employs effective communication techniques. It is important to find someone you both feel comfortable opening up to. Openness to feedback and a commitment to fostering a positive therapeutic relationship are essential criteria in selecting the ideal therapist for your relationship journey.

  • What if my partner is reluctant to attend therapy?

    It is common for one partner to be hesitant initially. Express your concern for the relationship and the desire to work together on improving your relationship. Open communication about the potential benefits and reassurance that relationship therapy is a collaborative process, might help ease concerns. If you are highly motivated to address the current interaction patterns that may be impacting your relationship, you can consider starting off with individual sessions first. Once your partner witnesses the progress and positive changes in your behaviour and well-being, your partner may be encouraged to seek help for themselves as well. You can then propose to trial a few sessions with your partner to see how it goes. Respect their feelings, while gently highlighting the positive impact therapy can have on both of you as a couple.

  • How often should we attend therapy sessions?

    The frequency of couple counselling or relationship therapy sessions varies, depending on the specific needs and goals of the couple. Typically, couples would be required to attend a few weekly or biweekly sessions to establish a strong foundation. As progress is made, the sessions may transition to once every two weeks or even monthly. While some couples see improvement within a few months, others may benefit from longer-term therapy to ensure lasting transformation in their relationship dynamics. Your therapist will work with you and your partner to determine a schedule appropriate for your unique situation, and adjust it accordingly.

  • What if we’re considering separation or divorce? Can couple counselling or relationship therapy still help?

    Relationship therapy in Singapore provides a safe space to explore feelings, discuss concerns, and gain clarity about the decision. It can help both partners understand the factors contributing to their choice and assist in a more amicable and thoughtful separation process. Therapy can promote effective communication and mutual respect, which can be crucial for co-parenting if children are involved.

  • What happens if we feel that couples counselling and relationship therapy is not helping as expected?

    It is important to communicate your concerns with your therapist, especially when you're seeking couple counselling in Singapore. Honest feedback allows them to adjust their approach, address any misunderstandings, and tailor the sessions more effectively to your needs. You can collaboratively discuss with your therapist new strategies, explore alternative techniques, or even consider seeking a different therapist who might better align with your preference and goals. Remember that relationship therapy is a dynamic process, and open communication with your therapist can lead to better outcomes.

  • How do we know when it’s time to conclude couples therapy?

    Knowing when to conclude couple therapy involves assessing whether your goals have been met, and if you’ve made significant progress in addressing the concerns that brought you to therapy. Consider factors such as improved communication, better conflict resolution, and a deeper understanding of each other. If you and your partner feel more equipped to handle challenges independently and maintain a healthier relationship dynamic, it might be a good time to conclude therapy. Discuss your thoughts with your therapist, who can provide guidance based on your unique situation and offer a plan for ongoing support if needed.