Adult Counselling Service

Adult Counselling Service

Counselling For Adults

Being open in conversing about what is happening in your life can help you be more in touch and more aware of your emotions, beliefs, behaviour, thoughts, and roles. Talking to a counsellor or therapist can lead to greater empowerment and self-acceptance in the decisions you make for your relationships and yourself.

Many adults go through depressed moods as well as emotional and mental struggles that go beyond experiencing bouts of sadness. Without a proper avenue to talk about it, the individual may eventually feel a lack of hope and might not be able to deal with everyday activities. Furthermore, it may also result in the disruption of sleep, self-esteem, appetite, and the ability to think, which may lead to frequent anger outbursts and frustrations.

Here at ImPossible Psychological Services, we provide both group and individual counselling for adults who have been struggling with longstanding, current issues. With our adult counselling services in Singapore, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the season you are going through and develop the necessary skills to overcome them.

Our therapists and psychologists can help you overcome the following:

  • Anxiety, such as panic attacks, social phobia, and generalised anxiety disorder
  • Depression
  • Behavioural struggles
  • Anger management
  • Divorce
  • Trauma
  • Self-esteem
  • Grief and loss
  • Health & Well-being
  • Parenting issues
  • Stress management
  • Postnatal depression
  • Self-harm
  • Addictions, such as behavioural addictions and substance abuse

When you should consider adult counselling

  • You are going through a tough season and find it hard to overcome by yourself
  • You feel an unfounded feeling that something terrible might happen
  • You are feeling overwhelmed and do not know what to do
  • None of your usual strategies is helping to ease the situation
  • You do not have the motivation or energy to do the things you generally enjoy doing
  • You find it hard to communicate with the people around you about your struggles
  • You feel like you are not able to get out of a sticky situation
  • Your struggles affect your family, relationships, and work
  • You have been experiencing some level of depression for a long time
  • You receive feedback and remarks from your family and friends, saying that you have been behaving differently

What problems can our adult counselling services address?

Some of the typical issues that can be solved by going for adult counselling services include:

  • Anxiety and depression: If you experience depression or panic attacks, adult counselling teaches the individual how to manage their negative emotions and change them to positive ones.
  • Relationship conflicts: Besides individual counselling for adults, we also offer relationship counselling across every stage, from dating to marriage, to help reduce unnecessary tension built-up between the couple and help them to understand each other’s perspective.
  • Anger and stress management: With Singapore being one of the most stressful countries to live and work in, anger and stress management therapy aims to help the affected individual develop new methods to cope with such emotions more effectively.

Our adult counselling services are focused on helping you to build strengths and take actions that will take you closer to the life you desire. By building a non-judgemental, non-bias, and open environment, we will work together to create positive changes in your life.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our adult counselling services today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often will I need to attend counselling or therapy sessions?

    The frequency of adult counselling sessions at ImPossible Psychological Services will depend on your specific needs and goals and your therapist's recommendation. Some clients may benefit from more or less frequent sessions. Your therapist will work with you to determine a schedule appropriate for your unique situation and adjust it as needed throughout your counselling journey.

  • When is the best time to seek adult counselling services?

    The best time to seek adult counselling services in Singapore is when you start experiencing symptoms that negatively impact your daily life. This could include feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, or struggling to cope with a significant life change. The earlier you seek help, the better, as it can prevent your issues from escalating and help you learn coping skills to manage your emotions and behaviours.

  • Why is it important to communicate openly and honestly with my counsellor?

    During counselling for adults, it is vital to communicate openly and honestly to build trust and develop an effective therapeutic relationship. The psychologist or counsellor must clearly understand your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to provide the appropriate support. By being honest with your psychologist or counsellor, you can identify your goals, develop coping strategies, and work toward healing and growth. Honest communication can also lead to greater self-awareness and better mental health results.

  • What is the difference between clinical psychologists, counsellors, and psychiatrists?

    A clinical psychologist is a mental health professional who specialises in psychotherapy and psychological testing and has a completed post-graduate training in psychology. A counsellor is a mental health professional who provides talk therapy and helps clients work through emotional and behavioural issues. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialises in mental health and can diagnose and treat mental health disorders with medication.

    Hence, psychiatrists and psychologists have received specialized training to work with clinical issues. Counsellors typically provide support for clients who are facing various challenges in life.

  • How do I know if adult counselling services are working for me?

    You can tell if your adult counselling sessions work for you by paying attention to how you feel after each session. Are you feeling more hopeful, less stressed, or more confident? You may also experience negative emotions after having a ‘heavy’ session, but to speak to your psychologist or counsellor about how you feel. Additionally, you can tell that counselling for adults is effective if you apply the techniques you learned outside of sessions. For example, you now know how to prioritise your own needs and demands and deal with situations effectively.

  • What can I do to continue my progress after I have completed adult counselling services?

    After completing sessions with adult counselling services in Singapore, you can practice self-care techniques such as exercise, meditation, and spending time with loved ones to continue your progress. Continuing the coping strategies and skills you learned during counselling sessions is also important. Maintaining a support system of friends, family, or a support group can also be helpful. In some cases, ongoing therapy sessions may be recommended to maintain progress and prevent relapse.