Recruiting for various positions- Psychologists, Counsellors, Associate Psychologists

Recruiting for Various Positions- Psychologists, Counsellors, Associate Psychologists

Job Opportunity for Clinical Psychologists and Counselling Psychologists

Subsidized Psychotherapy/ Counselling Programme

Subsidized Psychotherapy/ Counselling Programme

Offering subsidized counselling and psychotherapy sessions, making it affordable for you to seek help.

ImPossible receives positive reviews from Best in Singapore

Impossible Receives Positive Reviews From Best in Singapore

Positive reviews for psychologists and counsellors in ImPossible Psychological Services.

Our psychologist, Haikal, reviewed positively by Best Singapore

Our Psychologist, Haikal, Reviewed Positively by Best Singapore

Our clinical psychologist reviewed as 'Highly Rated' by Best Singapore

Sharing on insomnia, depression and anxiety on

Sharing on Insomnia, Depression and Anxiety on "sihat Oh Sihat" Episodes

Catch our psychologist discussing insomnia, anxiety and depression on Suria.

Calling aspiring clinical psychologists! Internship Opportunity!

Calling Aspiring Clinical Psychologists! Internship Opportunity!

Psychology internship for aspiring clinical psychologists!

Psychology Internship Opportunity

Psychology Internship Opportunity

Internship opportunity for aspiring clinical psychologists

ImPossible Psychological Services has moved!

Impossible Psychological Services Has Moved!

ImPossible Psychological Services has moved to a new office unit in the same building in the east

Mental Health Talks in collaboration with Health Promotion Board

Mental Health Talks in Collaboration With Health Promotion Board

Look out for mental health talk by our psychologists around Singapore