Corporate Services

Corporate Services

We provide support to organizations in Singapore who would like to apply psychological principles to improve productivity, morale and teamwork. Our corporate services consist of (i) Workshops and talks and (ii) Employee Assistance Programmes.

Workshops and talks

ImPossible offers workshops and talks for organizations who are keen to arrange them for their members or employees. These talks may serve various purposes, such as educating them on mental health issues and imparting them with life skills, catered to the needs of the organization. Some of the talks and workshops that our therapists have conducted includes:

  • Using mindfulness to cope with stress
  • Coping with changes at work
  • Helping your loved one in tough times
  • Understanding depression

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

Increasingly, companies in Singapore are offering employee assistance to their staff so as to guide them through difficult times which may impact productivity. An employee facing workplace, personal or family issues may avoid prolonged may adversely affect his/her company through lower productivity and poor morale. With EAP, majority of the issues can be resolved before the company lose a valuable employee or affects the company negatively.