Our Charges

Below is a guideline for our charges, and are charged on a pro-rated basis for extended time thereafter. Charges commence from the agreed appointment time.

Service Duration Fees
First consultation (Individual) 90 mins $150-240* Limited time promotion!! $270-360
Individual sessions 50 mins $150-260*
Dyad/couple sessions 50 mins $320
Phone calls (beyond 15 mins) 15 mins blocks $30
Psychological Assessment - $450-$2200 (Vary according to required assessment)

*Prices vary based on the experience and qualification of the psychologist/counsellor. An added fee of $40/hr will be charged for sessions conducted out of our regular clinical hours and weekends.

If cost is an issue, you can opt to be consulted by our associate psychologist or associate counsellor at a lower fee. These are masters-level therapists who are working towards registration. They will be closely supervised by our senior clinical psychologist.

Please Contact Us for more information.