Subsidized Psychotherapy/ Counselling Programme

22nd January, 2023

ImPossible Psychological Services has initiated providing counselling and psychotherapy for those who find regular fees to be an obstacle for seeking help. Clients opting for this programme will be charged at $40 per session.

The counselling and psychotherapy sessions will be conducted by an associate psychologist, or a Master's degree-level trainee counsellor or psychologist, who is in the process of undergoing supervised practicuum. The practiccum is part of the training requirements to meet the criteria to be a 'registered counsellor' or 'registered psychologist'. The work by the these junior counsellor or psychologist will be supervised by a senior clinician in the practice.

Some of the issues that clients can receive help for in this programme includes:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Stress-Related Difficulties
  • Relationship & Family Issues

To find out more, you can contact or call 9099 9081.

Kindly note that there is an additional surcharge of $10 for sessions on weekends or after office-hours.