Depression and anxiety disorders possess shared vulnerabilities in couples

Depression and Anxiety Disorders Possess Shared Vulnerabilities in Couples

Depression and anxiety anxiety disorders present a greater risk in individuals whose partner has the mental health condition.

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Panic attacks and comorbidity with other medical conditions: A review

Panic Attacks and Comorbidity With Other Medical Conditions: A Review

Panic attacks presents high comorbidity with certain medical conditions, and vice-versa. In a review, researchers seek to understand the common pathways underlying this relationship, and its implications.

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Beliefs about the causes of mental illness in Singapore

Beliefs About the Causes of Mental Illness in Singapore

Perceptions of the Singapore population on the causes of mental illness, and attitudes towards seeking treatment.

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Symptoms of depression in adolescents: Gender differences in coping and symptomology

Symptoms of Depression in Adolescents: Gender Differences in Coping and Symptomology

Symptoms of depression and differences in coping strategies across gender

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The role of blame attribution in infertility-related depression, anxiety and lower marital satisfaction

The Role of Blame Attribution in Infertility-related Depression, Anxiety and Lower Marital Satisfaction

Couples facing infertility may require psychological therapy to cope with depression, anxiety and lower marital satisfaction.

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High prevalence of social media addiction in university students in Singapore, and comorbidity with other mental health issues

High Prevalence of Social Media Addiction in University Students in Singapore, and Comorbidity With Other Mental Health Issues

Our Clinical Psychologist, Haikal, shares and discuss a recent research showing a large number of university students in Singapore are addicted to social media use.

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