Negative information captures the attention of individuals with depression differently

Negative Information Captures the Attention of Individuals With Depression Differently

A brain-imaging study founds that exposure to individuals with depression are more likely to sustain attention when presented with negative stimuli.

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Insomnia and mental health issues

Insomnia and Mental Health Issues

Treating insomnia could reduce mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and paranoia, according to a large randomised controlled study published in The Lancet Psychiatry.

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Researchers examine the effects of single vs joint custody following divorce

Researchers Examine the Effects of Single Vs Joint Custody Following Divorce

Children in joint custody arrangements appear to display less behavioural and psychological problems.

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Importance of parental support in children's response to stress

Importance of Parental Support in Children's Response to Stress

A recent study assesses the impact of parent support in how children respond physiologically and psychologically to stress.

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Rumination and brain activity in teenagers recovering from depression

Rumination and Brain Activity in Teenagers Recovering From Depression

A neuro-imaging research suggests that how the brain respond to rumination in teenagers recovering from depression is a risk factor for relapse.

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Understanding the processes behind the decision on whether to break up

Understanding the Processes Behind the Decision on Whether to Break up

A new study seeks to understand the factors weighed in the decision to break up, when faced with a relationship issue.

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