Brenda Png


B.B.A. (Hons); M.A. (Counselling and Guidance)

Brenda Png

Brenda graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) from National University of Singapore. Following years in corporate sector and public service, she decided to make a career switch into social service sector, in search of a rewarding career and to fulfil her passion in advocating for psychological wellbeing and mental health.

Previously, she worked in schools to engage students who were chronic absentees and assisted in reintegrating them to school. She had also worked with ex-offenders as a career coach and supported them in employment retention as part of their reintegration to community.

With a Master of Arts in Counselling and Guidance from Nanyang Technological University, Brenda has gained exposure in various counselling modalities. In particular, she engages Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in her work with clients. She has experience in engaging a wide-ranging profile of clients from youths to adults, and supported them in issues ranging from esteem and identity, motivation, anxiety, life transitions and mental health. Additionally, Brenda has completed the Career Facilitation Programme by the Workforce Singapore and is equipped to provide career counselling services. She is currently working towards her registration with Singapore Association of Counselling.

A firm believer of establishing a collaborative therapeutic relationship with clients, Brenda strives to provide a non-judgemental and reassuring space for clients to share their stories. She recognises that all individuals possess strengths and utilises that to tailor her interventions according to the needs of each individual.

Outside of work, Brenda is a mother to three beautiful children and enjoys watching dramas and savouring foods from different cultures.

"A firm believer of establishing collaborative therapeutic relationship with clients, Brenda strives to provide a non-judgmental and reassuring space for clients to share their stories."