Nur Ilyana

Business Development Manager/ Associate Psychologist

B.Soc.Sci (Hons); M.Psy (Organisational Psychology; in-progress)

Nur Ilyana

Ilyana is currently pursuing a Master’s in Organisational Psychology at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. With several years of experience in the social service sector, she began as a case manager providing counselling to youths-at-risk and later moved on to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). At MSF, she gained exposure to different areas of work, including project management, content curation, and programme development, while acquiring valuable knowledge in marital health, child development and parenting.

Presently, Ilyana oversees the business development of ImPossible Psychological Services, but she also aspires to utilise her organisational psychology expertise to promote employee well-being, enhancing organisational effectiveness and fostering positive change within workplace cultures. Using a people-centric approach, she aims to support clients who may be facing workplace-related challenges, as well as workplaces to foster harmonious work environments and employee well-being, thus driving organisational success.

Outside of work, Ilyana enjoys making lists, planning activities, and exploring new cafes or food places, while managing her responsibilities as a mother to three wonderful young children.