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Parental influence on how we manage conflicts in romantic relationships

Parental Influence on How We Manage Conflicts in Romantic Relationships

How parents deal with family and marital conflicts have an impact on their children handle conflicts in future as adults. Children tend to mirror their parents' style in dealing with conflict by shaping their beliefs on whether conflicts are healthy and how emotional needs can be met.

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The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

Thinking of nourishing a healthy mind? Learn some tips to ensure a successful mental health journey.

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Understanding and managing workaholism

Understanding and Managing Workaholism

Workaholics are vulnerable to depression and anxiety. How can you manage workaholism?

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Coping with major life transitions

Coping With Major Life Transitions

Major transitions are often accompanied by stress and anxiety. Learn more on how you can overcome the stresses resulting from transitions.

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Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) in the context of Singapore

Fear of Missing Out (fomo) in the Context of Singapore

Understand more about 'FoMO', the term used to describe that feeling of anxiety when individuals realise that other people have had fun together or had accomplished something.

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Binge watching is unhealthy for your sleep

Binge Watching Is Unhealthy for Your Sleep

Frequent binge watching leas to poor sleep quality and insomnia, researchers report.

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