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Intrinsic Goals lead to Greater Subjective Well-Being

Intrinsic Goals Lead to Greater Subjective Well-being

A recent research examines the effectiveness of different types of goals and goal orientations that individuals adopt in the pursuit of life satisfaction and subjective well-being.

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The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

The Key to Successful Mental Health Resolutions

Thinking of nourishing a healthy mind? Learn some tips to ensure a successful mental health journey.

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Managing your mental health after 3 months (and counting) with COVID-19

Managing Your Mental Health After 3 Months (and Counting) With Covid-19

Managing anxiety, uncertainty and other negative emotions associated with the prolonged COVID-19 situation

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Facing your fears: How avoidance and panicking may maintain your anxiety instead

Facing Your Fears: How Avoidance and Panicking May Maintain Your Anxiety Instead

Avoidance is a common response to anxiety and fear. However, prolonged or excessive use of avoidance may lead to higher levels of anxiety or fear.

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Safety behaviours and panic disorder

Safety Behaviours and Panic Disorder

A recent research examines the different types of safety behaviours engaged by individuals experiencing panic attacks, and how it may affect treatment.

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Coping with homesickness in a far-away land

Coping With Homesickness in a Far-away Land

Moving abroad for education and career advancement is increasingly common. However, the stress of being alone increases one's vulnerability to depression and anxiety.

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Effective Coping Methods by International Students with Homesickness and Depression

Effective Coping Methods by International Students With Homesickness and Depression

A recent research examines how international students cope with homesickness and depression when they are away from home.

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Access not granted: accessing someone’s phone without permission

Access Not Granted: Accessing Someone’s Phone Without Permission

A recent research examined why the reasons and consequences of checking on the phone of those close to them.

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Checking on your partner's phone? What may this mean?

Checking on Your Partner's Phone? What May This Mean?

Are you checking on your partner's phone? This may only further fuel your anxiety and put more stress on your relationship.

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Infidelity associated with PTSD-related symptoms and poorer psychological outcomes

Infidelity Associated With Ptsd-related Symptoms and Poorer Psychological Outcomes

A recent research found that partner infidelity is associated with higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

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Managing your emotions following the discovery of your partner's infidelity

Managing Your Emotions Following the Discovery of Your Partner's Infidelity

Discovering that your partner had been cheating on you can be overwhelming. Find out how you can cope with your anxiety, anger and stress before taking your next steps.

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Coping with major life transitions

Coping With Major Life Transitions

Major transitions are often accompanied by stress and anxiety. Learn more on how you can overcome the stresses resulting from transitions.

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Psychological impact of primary to secondary school transition

Psychological Impact of Primary to Secondary School Transition

A recent research highlighted how transiting into secondary school can be stressful for both parents and child.

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Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) in the context of Singapore

Fear of Missing Out (fomo) in the Context of Singapore

Understand more about 'FoMO', the term used to describe that feeling of anxiety when individuals realise that other people have had fun together or had accomplished something.

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The effects of social media on social comparison and well-being

The Effects of Social Media on Social Comparison and Well-being

A recent research examines how social media may negatively affect one's well-being.

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Dealing with grief during the festive season

Dealing With Grief During the Festive Season

Although typically depicted as a joyous occasion, the festive holidays may elicit memories of a loved one who has passed. Understand more about grief and how to cope with it during the holidays.

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Gaslighting in relationships

Gaslighting in Relationships

Understand gaslighting, a form of psychological abuse, which negatively impacts relationships.

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The hidden dangers of psychological aggression

The Hidden Dangers of Psychological Aggression

While physical abuse is often taken seriously, a recent research found that the impact of psychological abuse in relationships are even more harmful

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Understanding anticipatory grief amongst family caregivers

Understanding Anticipatory Grief Amongst Family Caregivers

A recent research explores the experiences of caregivers to family members with terminal cancer in their final days.

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Understanding postpartum depression in fathers

Understanding Postpartum Depression in Fathers

We often hear of postpartum depression in women. However, new fathers are at risk of postpartum depression too.

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Mental Health First Aid: Responding to someone in distress

Mental Health First Aid: Responding to Someone in Distress

Tips on how you can respond if you notice someone is struggling with a mental health issue

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Role of Mental Health First Aid In Addressing Depression and Other Mental Health Issues In Adolescents

Role of Mental Health First Aid In Addressing Depression and Other Mental Health Issues In Adolescents

Mental health aid can help early identification of mental health issues

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Can mental illness be cured?

Can Mental Illness Be Cured?

Does psychotherapy or treatment cure mental illnesses?

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The effectiveness of CBT in treating anxiety disorders

The Effectiveness of Cbt in Treating Anxiety Disorders

Review of the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as a treatment for anxiety disorders.

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Adverse Effects of Screen Time on Children and Adolescents

Adverse Effects of Screen Time on Children and Adolescents

Review of adverse effects of excessive screen time in children and adolescents

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The Effects of Social Media on Psychological Well-being

The Effects of Social Media on Psychological Well-being

Minimising potential negative effects of social media use

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Smiling Depression: Smiling Through the Pain

Smiling Depression: Smiling Through the Pain

Understanding smiling depression

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Understanding Elderly Depression in Singapore: The Role of Frailty

Understanding Elderly Depression in Singapore: The Role of Frailty

Frailty predicts experience of depression in the elderly in Singapore

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Ableist Language and The Perpetuation of Mental Health Stigma

Ableist Language and The Perpetuation of Mental Health Stigma

How language impact perception of mental illnesses

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Language: A Carrier of Stigma in Mental Health

Language: A Carrier of Stigma in Mental Health

A study finds that language affects perception of mental illness, including in counsellors

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Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 reveals most prevalent mental illnesses- many still not seeking treatment

Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 Reveals Most Prevalent Mental Illnesses- Many Still Not Seeking Treatment

Singapore Mental Health Study 2016 shows depression, alcohol use disorders and OCD are most prevalent in Singapore

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Mental health and stress: Signs you need a mental break

Mental Health and Stress: Signs You Need a Mental Break

Identify signs that you need a mental break to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety

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Clinical psychologists in Singapore: Training and cultural competency

Clinical Psychologists in Singapore: Training and Cultural Competency

Exploring cultural competency of clinical psychologists trained in Singapore

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Everyday habits in Singapore that may harm your mental health

Everyday Habits in Singapore That May Harm Your Mental Health

Learn how you can alter everyday habits to protect your mental health, and prevent depression or anxiety.

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Depression and anxiety disorders possess shared vulnerabilities in couples

Depression and Anxiety Disorders Possess Shared Vulnerabilities in Couples

Depression and anxiety anxiety disorders present a greater risk in individuals whose partner has the mental health condition.

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Panic attacks and comorbidity with other medical conditions: A review

Panic Attacks and Comorbidity With Other Medical Conditions: A Review

Panic attacks presents high comorbidity with certain medical conditions, and vice-versa. In a review, researchers seek to understand the common pathways underlying this relationship, and its implications.

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Beliefs about the causes of mental illness in Singapore

Beliefs About the Causes of Mental Illness in Singapore

Perceptions of the Singapore population on the causes of mental illness, and attitudes towards seeking treatment.

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Overcoming the critical inner voices in your head

Overcoming the Critical Inner Voices in Your Head

Understand why you have an inner critic within you and how you can overcome self-doubt.

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Symptoms of depression in adolescents: Gender differences in coping and symptomology

Symptoms of Depression in Adolescents: Gender Differences in Coping and Symptomology

Symptoms of depression and differences in coping strategies across gender

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The role of blame attribution in infertility-related depression, anxiety and lower marital satisfaction

The Role of Blame Attribution in Infertility-related Depression, Anxiety and Lower Marital Satisfaction

Couples facing infertility may require psychological therapy to cope with depression, anxiety and lower marital satisfaction.

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High prevalence of social media addiction in university students in Singapore, and comorbidity with other mental health issues

High Prevalence of Social Media Addiction in University Students in Singapore, and Comorbidity With Other Mental Health Issues

Our Clinical Psychologist, Haikal, shares and discuss a recent research showing a large number of university students in Singapore are addicted to social media use.

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The #1 reason why you are feeling stuck and powerless

The #1 Reason Why You Are Feeling Stuck and Powerless

Learn the one step that you need to take in order to take charge of your relationship problems, mental health issue, or any challenges that you may face.

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Psychotherapy / Psychological Therapy in Singapore: Making the decision to seek help

Psychotherapy / Psychological Therapy in Singapore: Making the Decision to Seek Help

Considerations in choosing to undergo therapy with a psychologist in Singapore

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Just 10 minutes of meditation helps anxious people have better focus

Just 10 Minutes of Meditation Helps Anxious People Have Better Focus

Just 10 minutes of daily mindful mediation can help prevent your mind from wandering and is particularly effective if you tend to have repetitive, anxious thoughts, according to a study.

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Demystifying relationship advices

Demystifying Relationship Advices

You have probably heard these advices countless times. Now, learn how to apply them effectively in your relationship, and learn which ones to ignore.

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Encouraging a loved one to seek professional help

Encouraging a Loved One to Seek Professional Help

Encouraging a loved one to seek professional help may be a challenge. In Singapore, the stigma of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety further discourages one from therapy. In this article, we share how you can speak to your loved one to explore seeing a psychologist for professional support.

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Managing your emotions before your emotions manage you

Managing Your Emotions Before Your Emotions Manage You

Learn the role of emotions in our lives, and the steps that you can take to avoid the trap of engaging in emotionally-driven behaviours.

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To seek help or not: Recognizing the early signs of mental health issues

To Seek Help or Not: Recognizing the Early Signs of Mental Health Issues

How do you know if you should seek professional help for mental health issues? Often, failure to recognise these signs prevent early access to treatment. In this article, we discuss certain signs that you can look out for, which may flag the need to consult a mental professional.

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