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Researchers examine the effects of single vs joint custody following divorce

Researchers Examine the Effects of Single Vs Joint Custody Following Divorce

Children in joint custody arrangements appear to display less behavioural and psychological problems.

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What's going on with my teen?: Understanding your teenager and how to better support them

What's Going on With My Teen?: Understanding Your Teenager and How to Better Support Them

In this article, targetted at parents of teenage children, psychobiosocial changes in adolescence are highlighted. These are followed with some suggestions on how to manage the challenges that comes with these changes.

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Harsh parenting can hurt academics and peer relationships

Harsh Parenting Can Hurt Academics and Peer Relationships

A new study helps to explain how parenting affects children’s educational outcomes via relationships with peers, sexual behavior, and delinquency. Children exposed to harsh parenting are at greater risk of poor academic performance and juvenile delinquency.

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Handy Guidelines for Successful Parenting

Handy Guidelines for Successful Parenting

Parenting can be both rewarding and challenging. Here are some parenting guidelines that may be useful for you.

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