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The relationship between pessimism and depression

The Relationship Between Pessimism and Depression

Negative cognitions characterise both depression and pessimism. This article discusses the relationship and key differences between depression and pessimism.

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Role of Mental Health First Aid In Addressing Depression and Other Mental Health Issues In Adolescents

Role of Mental Health First Aid In Addressing Depression and Other Mental Health Issues In Adolescents

Mental health aid can help early identification of mental health issues

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Symptoms of depression in adolescents: Gender differences in coping and symptomology

Symptoms of Depression in Adolescents: Gender Differences in Coping and Symptomology

Symptoms of depression and differences in coping strategies across gender

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Maternal depression across the first years of life impacts children's neural basis of empathy

Maternal Depression Across the First Years of Life Impacts Children's Neural Basis of Empathy

Maternal depression increases the susceptibility of a child to develop mental health issues in the later years. A recent study discovers a possible link between maternal depression and psychopathology.

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Supporting your partner beat depression

Supporting Your Partner Beat Depression

It can be challenging for caregivers of individuals suffering from depression. A recent papers found that partners' effort to reduced stress in individuals affected by depression may prevent the mental health issues from getting worse, and help keep the relationship healthy.

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What happens when depression and anxiety coincides with minor injury

What Happens When Depression and Anxiety Coincides With Minor Injury

Researchers found that people with more symptoms of depression at the time of their injury still had trouble working a year later and more frequently required bed rest due to health problems. They found connections, though less substantial, for anxiety, too.

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