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Good Sleep May Promote Positive Experiences and Reduce Conflict

Good Sleep May Promote Positive Experiences and Reduce Conflict

Better quality sleep is linked to improved emotions and fewer stressors the next day, a new study reports.

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Emotions are cognitive, not innate, researchers conclude

Emotions Are Cognitive, Not Innate, Researchers Conclude

Emotions are not innately programmed into our brains, but, in fact, are cognitive states resulting from the gathering of information, researchers conclude.

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Managing your emotions before your emotions manage you

Managing Your Emotions Before Your Emotions Manage You

Learn the role of emotions in our lives, and the steps that you can take to avoid the trap of engaging in emotionally-driven behaviours.

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Revenge is sweet: Retaliating to enhance mood

Revenge Is Sweet: Retaliating to Enhance Mood

A new study reflects upon how retaliation can lift mood when a person feels ostracized.

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